I had a feeling Jamie and Amelia were engaged—this was published back in July, and I’m guessing the pics were taken earlier…? (Bottom pic of both of them is 2010.) 

And using my crack Twitter investigating skills ;) , her mother, actress Annette Eckblom, tweet a “Congrats!” tweet back in February to both of them, so maybe he popped the question then..

Someone explain to me the process of wedding banns in the UK though—is there like a time limit on them—have to get married in two or less or it expires or something? 

Just so happy for them—two years of dating, and now a holiday wedding—wish them the best and years of happiness for the future!

Jennifer Morrison:    A lovely, lovely guy. Jamie Dornan is one of those guys who has no idea how gorgeous he is.
He’s crazy in love with his girlfriend and a crazy talent and a great singer and a great actor; just a lovely, lovely human being.

Source: hungertv.com
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